Why Sugbutel’s First Class Dormitory tops my Cebu Go-to Hotel Accomodation 

If you’re travelling across Cebu City, got caught up between hectic travel schedules and you suddenly need a nice and affordable hotel, I’m recommending a transient stay at Sugbutel Family Hotel. 

Photo Credits: Sugbutel Official Website​

Located at Don Alfredo D. Gothong Centre, Sergio Osmena Boulevard.,cor Road EastNorth Reclamation Area, Sugbutel Family Hotel is one good option if you’re aiming for an overnight stay at the Queen city of the South.

Our trip from Bacolod to Tacloban opened an opportunity for a transient stay in Cebu since we’re planning to visit Simala before crossing from Cebu to Ormoc City. Sugbutel’s First Class Accommodation Dormitory is our perfect choice for our budget friendly requirement when it comes to hotel accommodations.

As an ordinary traveller living with the budgetarian mantra, I find the option of Mezzanine accommodations at Sugbutel very convenient, affordable and still works around the quality of service expected from any hotel around the metro. Fast WiFi connection is an additional feature that I like the most, also the fact that there will be other guests around the room doesn’t even create any privacy concerns. The set up encourages peaceful coexistence with the right blend of economy and business class mood.

 It’s a good place to lay around during idle hours, browse the internet while enjoying the comfort of your own dormitory bunks, feels like college days all over again. Even for a short stay, I always enjoyed the peace and quiet that Sugbutel offers its guests, the nearby malls makes it even more a practical option compared to other accommodations around the city.

For only ₱470 overnight, Sugbutel Family Hotel is still my best budgetarian option. How about you? What’s your budgetarian hotel of choice?

For more details visit their official website at:


Avail of 10 % discount on their Halloween Promo until November 30, 2018!

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