16000 Blossoms on the hill of Lintaon Peak: Explore Leyte Series

Unplanned road trips are the best, those are the ones that actually happen.

Unplanned Road trips

Unplanned road trips are the ones that actually happen

Kring and I have friends from her hometown who never ceased to keep in touch through the years. We have grown to value them as family as they have grown to welcome us in the fold. Fortunately, one of our common ground with the group is our fondness about travelling places! That’s why I’m sharing with you one of our travel escapade as part of my Explore Leyte Series.

Lintaon Baybay Leyte

View from Lintaon, Baybay Leyte

In one of our unplanned road trips, we decided to visit Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak. Baybay City is located at the central west coast of the Leyte Province, one port city that accommodates island ferry transfer from Leyte to Cebu and vice versa. Situated atop the highland of Baybay, just around 12 miles southwest of the city proper, the Lintaon peak has become one go-to tourist spot in one of the most promising cities of Leyte.

The Lintaon Peak

16000 blossoms

16000 blossoms at Lintaon Peak

The 16000 Blossoms are artificial roses scattered on the face of the highest hill in Lintaon, these imported blossoms are LED-powered and are lit on the night time to the delight of the tourists and local visitors alike. The concept was developed by the local tourism to promote Baybay’s highland ecotourism potential. True to its purpose, the impression of the Peak could be at par with those of PH’s Tagatay highlands, only with the unadulterated provincial ambiance.

Getting There:

We came by car at around seven in the morning as it took us around an hour and half travel from Tacloban to Baybay. The clear skies opened up with little rays peaking behind the clouds. It was a good sunny weather with a mystic view of the blue ocean as it wraps the coastal edges of the city proper. From up there you can see the Cuatro Islas (Four Islands), a group of islands namely, ApidDigyo and Mahaba belonging to the municipalities of Inopacan and the Himokilan belonging to the municipality of Hindang. If you ever want another Leyte exploration, the Cuatro Islas is also one highly recommended destination to visit.

Morning look of 16000 Blossoms

Morning look of 16000 Blossoms

View of Baybay Leyte from the Lintaon Peak

View of Baybay Leyte from the Lintaon Peak

Blossoms of Lintaon Peak

Blossoms of Lintaon Peak

The road the Peak of Lintaon

It’s just a 20-minute drive from the city proper of Baybay going to the peak, and if you’re commuting, there are habal-habal services available going back and forth the area. It’s a 15 peso-trip in exchange for a refreshing spectacle. The road going to the peak is concrete-finished and very accessible for all types of vehicles. Needless to say, tourism project like this gets its big boost from the accessible and well maintained roadways (Kodus! to the local government of Baybay). It is one romantic spot for lovers as a dating place, hang out paradise for barkada adventures, and a good venue for a family day as well. At Lintaon Peak, you can set up a picnic mat around the area while you enjoy the day under the sunny skies of Leyte.

Lintaon Peak Baybay Leyte

Mornings at Lintaon Peak Baybay Leyte

Prenup shoots also happen here, and it costs only PHP1500 for the location fee, entrance for every visitor is only PHP 20 and food and drinks are available as well or you could bring your own.

Music on the road

While getting there I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill, one song that he made for his home town, Suffolk, and I’m borrowing some of the lines as tribute to the awesome friends we were with that one sunny morning.

One friend left to sell clothes

One works down by the coast

One had two kids but lives alone

One’s brother overdosed

One’s already on his second wife

One’s just barely getting by

But these people raised me

And I can’t wait to go home

 Being there one morning at the Lintaon peak with my wife and our trusted friends was a great way to start the day of our road trip adventure, compliments to the beautiful view of Baybay’s Lintaon Peak.

16000 Artifical-LED powered blossoms of Lintaon Peak

16000 Artifical-LED powered blossoms of Lintaon Peak

It was a breath taking, relaxing and one hill of a dose of travel fun and revitalizing episode in our Leyte road trip. We were with good friends, and we all watched the sun rose above the blossoms on the hill.

For more information and to get to know other tourist spots around the area, visit this insightful Facebook page of Discover Baybay.

Lintaon Peak Baybay Leyte

Mandatory selfie at Lintaon Peak, Baybay Leyte





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