Blogging insights to live by

Take 5: Blogging insights to live by

Blogging insights to live by

Blogging insights to live by

Few months into the blogosphere and the pressure builds up, somehow the start up phase is done and the hard work intensifies. Questions about blog name, theme, niche and domains have been answered, and the next challenge is creating worthwhile contents. So from a newbie blogger’s perspective these are my #Take5 blogging insights to live by.


The very first thing to take into consideration after establishing the basics of your own blog is to define your purpose of making it. It’s the purpose that defines how far you are willing to go in order to achieve blogger success. It’s no easy task, to think of interesting and relevant topics, checking grammatical errors, researching related ideas up to publishing your proof-read articles. So before venturing into this new platform, arm your self not only with valuable knowledge of what you want to blog about but also with the firm belief of the purpose of doing the blog. May it be for profit purposes, social media fame or plain writing hobby, a clear purpose will get you going.


After acknowledging your purpose, it’s time to know what you want to blog about, the content that you want to share in the entirety of blogosphere. You may want to blog about your travels, your fashion choices, favorite musics, political opinions, life experiences, love advices, etc. The point is blog about something you could consider your self an expert at or at least very knowledgeable about the matter. The insightful information you share bolsters the quality of content in your blog. It gives you the credibility as an author and blogger which would later on lead to having more followers and readers in the long run.

In blogging, quality beats quantity. One of my major mistakes as a newbie blogger was the rush on creating multiple articles for my blog not knowing that at some point the quality was compromised in the process. The error forced me to re-edit my previous articles due to grammatical errors, wrong placings of commas, and at some point revising the whole article due to poor quality of writing. Proof reading your work is a must if you want to become a credible author/blogger. Readers often get disappointed with poorly written articles with erroneous grammars and bad spellings, you are  handing them another reason to stay away from your blog, hopefully not for good.
Be authentic, be you

The main reason why long time bloggers stay afloat in the sea of bloggers on the internet is by maintaining their authenticity. Yes you can take inspiration from others but make it to a point that whatever you do, you keep your own brand intact. Your blog is your reflection, it directly relates to you as a person and as an expert of your niche. Being regarded as an influencer in your field is a great responsibility and being authentic will not only define you but your blog/site as well. Creating your brand will take years and building up your name brick by brick from the ground gives you the advantage of being original and unique, hence the blogging success at the end of the line.
Define your own success

My former mentor once said that each individual will have different expectation and definition of success. Some would define success with nice cars, luxury mansions and loads of cash while some would consider success with many true friends , simple living and happy family life. In the blogging world, some may define success if they are able to monetize their blog, some would consider success if they have thousands of readers and  followers to connect to, and some would call it a success when they are able to express their ideas out into the worl without the monetary gains.

Like all careers in the world, success is always about hard work and constancy to purpose. Whatever are your expectations about your blog and your readers, always go back to item number one, know your purpose. From there you will know how to define your.

Last words…

Your blogging journey will always depend on your ability to adjust with the demands of the job as a blogger. Sure it will take up most of your valuable time and oftentimes you’ll encounter disappointments and frustration while doing the blog. There lies the challenge of keeping up with a blogger’s life, but don’t give up just yet. Again your purpose will define your success and your positive resolve over the obstacles at hand will bring you closer to achieving your blogging goals. Just enjoy, have fun and blog to seize the day.


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