Top 10 “Friendliest Countries” to visit this 2018

Today, August 5, 2018 is the National Friendship Day and what better way to celebrate is through a feature of the world’s friendliest country-destinations for 2018.

Quick Trivia: 

#NationalFriendshipDay was originally established by Hallmark in the year 1919. It was a day for sending cards until the industry eventually died twenty years after. It became popular again in the year 1998 when Winnie the Pooh was named the Ambassador of Friendship as recognized by the United Nations. “Friendship Day” was set on July 30th every year but most countries celebrate it on the first sunday of August, hence today is one good day to be friendly!

So if you have plans of traveling into friendly destinations this year, do check the list as posted by InterNations in their website. Take this post as one travel and friendly advise.


Shoreleave story at Sines Portugal

Shoreleave story at Sines, Portugal

With 94 percent score on friendliness towards expats Portugal landed on the first spot. Located in Southwest Europe, Portugal boasts of great tourist attractions from surfing sites on the Atlantic coasts, white sand beaches, historical  monasteries and churches. I can really agree why Portugal became number one this year, had a glimpse of the how warm Portuguese are when we were at Sines, Portugal in one of our voyages. You won’t feel like an outsider in this part of the earth, they are pleasing and very friendly towards foreigners in their native land.

Must Know 101:

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro,  Location: South West Europe

2. Taiwan

Visit in Taiwan 2018

My close friend, Mrs. April Rose Ochida during  on of her visits at Taiwan

At 86 percent Taiwan is such a welcome addition on the list. It’s humble in all sense of the word and I have friends who frequent Taiwan for advance-industrial jobs and it seems like the country is really friendly to them since they keep on coming back. It’s a country for good opportunities to some and for expats, it’s one friendly place to live in.

Must Know 101:

Language: Amoy Chinese, Mandarin Chinese

Currency: Taiwan Dollar, Location: East Asia

3. Mexico

Our friendly Taco vendor at Topolobampo Sin , Mexico

Our friendly Taco vendor at Topolobampo Sin , Mexico

Top 3 on the list is Mexico and I could tell why expats think Mexico is real friendly. Had some great time blending with the locals especially during one Manny Pacquiao pay per view fight in Topolobampo. We bet on our fellow filipino and they were too friendly they wanted to bet on Manny as well. Friendliness Score: 87 percent

On a more serious note, I really admire how warm the Mexicans welcome foreigners in their country, it’s like meeting old friends at the park, really not hard to start a conversation since everyone is very open and easy to talk to even if there is the apparent language barrier.

Must Know 101:

Language: Spanish, Mayan, Zapotec, Mixtec, Otomi, Totomac, Tzotzil,

Currency:Mexican Peso, Location: South America

4. Cambodia

My friend, Lem with tourists visiting Cambodia

My friend, Lem with tourists visiting Cambodia

Fourth on the list is Cambodia and I just recently found a friend from that side of the world, they really are one friendly bunch. Greetings to the Tuktuk drivers on the Temples of Angkor Wat from your friendly travel-blogger, Juan. At 92 percent , their friendliness overflows with smiles and warm hospitality. I’ve heard wonderful stories about the country and I’m really looking forward to visit the temples soon.

Must Know 101:

Language: Kmer, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cham

Currency: Real , Location: South East Asia

5. Bahrain

At 86 percent friendliness level, Bahrain ranked better than fellow south western asian countries. One suggested that it was probably because of the good communication line, you won’t get lost even if you don’t know how to speak the local language says one american expat.

Must Know 101:

Language: Arabic

Currency: Bahraini Dinar , Location: South West Asia

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica made tourists feel at home that’s why they gained 87 percent friendliness approval. These people are born with positive spirits, energetic and always smiling.

Language: Spanish, English Creole, Bribri

Currency: Costa Rican Colon, Location: Central America

7. Oman

View of Oman , where the dessert meets the sea

View of Oman , where the dessert meets the sea Photo Credits: Mary Grace Articona

Oman is a booming country with developments brought by the modernization and industrialization. I should know because I have cousins working in Oman, and they can attest how friendly the locals are.

Must Know 101:

Language: Arabic, Baluchi, Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi

Currency: Omani Ril , Location: South West Asia

8. Colombia

Colombia is known for being open and friendly says one expat from the Netherlands, highlight on the “always willing to help” attitude. Friendliness score = 87 percent.

Must Know 101:

Language: Spanish, Wayuu, Palez, Amerindian

Currency: Colombian Peso , Location: South America

9. Vietnam

83%  score means the country has a friendly vibe, nice and gentle people, that’s according to an expat from South Korea. A thriving south east asian country, Vietnam soared in this list with a promising score.

Must Know 101:

Language: Vietnamese, Chinese Thai, Kmer, Muong, Nung, Miao, Yao, Jarai

Currency:  Dong , Location: South East Asia

10. Canada

Canadian Capt. Paul Rene Caron

Canadian Captain, Paul Rene Caron

Friendliness score= 81 percent. A french expat said that Canadians are open-minded, tolerant and benevolent. I worked with a Canadian captain twice and those words describes him exactly, I guess it speaks a lot of the country he is from.

Must Know 101:

Language: English, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Cree, Inuktitut

Currency: Canadian Dollar , Location: North America

So there that’s ten of the most friendly around the world, now you can continue booking that flight and I’ll leave you with Winnie the Pooh’s words “You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for them to come to you, you have to go to them sometimes”.

Disclaimer: All data and rankings are taken from unpublished ranking by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad. The compilation of the world’s friendliest countries survey was conducted with close to 13,000 expats from 188 countries and territories in the annual study. Rankings vary according to factors such as friendliness to expats, ease of making local friends, and the likelihood for expats to stay in the country for good.

For more details about the InterNation’s study, please do check here.


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