American Flag on the 4th of July decor

July 4th : At the land of the free

Port of Call: Houston, Texas

We got an advance July 4th Independence Day treat from the Houston International Seafarer’s Center Inc. 

the American flag surrounded by star confetti

The American Flag and the stars

A timely invitation that came in when the crew needed some chill time off from work. Happy to share that the seaman’s club services are free, donations are happily accepted though. It is one of the privileges extended to seafarers all around the world, these organizations serve as comfort hubs for guest seafarers like us. The facility is complete with a commissary for souvenir shopping, bar and leisure areas for relaxation and entertainment stations to liven up the atmosphere.

The staffs of the center are warm and hospitable, we totally felt like it was home for us sailors. Their wide smiles and happy faces are contagious that we all enjoyed our short but worthwhile stay. They prepared raffle draws with in- house prizes for guests, as well as indoor games to break the ice. One that we cheerfully joined was the American beer pong challenge! Every ping pong ball in, equals to a shot of your choice (vodka or whiskey) in lieu of the usual beer.

American beer pong game at the Seaman's Center

American beer pong game at the Seaman’s Center

american beer pong at the seaman's center houston

On the actual day, the celebration goes outdoors with big fireworks display, family reunions, picnics, parades and other merriment, all to commemorate a day of patriotism. As to the King Darwin crew, we were already delighted with the free food, drinks and fun as offered by the Howard T. Tellepsen Center.

“We were there at the land of the free, July 4th 2018.”

The simple celebration at the Seaman’s club of Houston



Seaman's club in Houston, Texas


celebratory cupcakes for the 4th of July

Celebratory cupcakes for the 4th of July

Trivia :

While the July 4th is celebrated as America’s independence from the Great Britain in 1976, it was also considered as the Republic Day of the Philippines. It was the day when it ceased to be one of  the many United States’ territory in the year 1946. On that very day, the U.S.A officially recognized the Philippine independence, an act that led to a strong and long partnership between both countries.

PhotoGrid_1530721634898 Tomorrow, we will see more of the celebration from the deck of our ship and proudly write in our history logs, “We were there at the land of the free, July 4th 2018.”

Thanks to the Howard T. Tellepsen Center for the opportunity to enjoy one day away from work, we’ll take this shore leave on our list of “spend less is more” , the free shuttle, food and fun took us away from the shopping malls, another opportunity to spend our hard earned money to the things that we really need. Thanks for taking care of us seafarers,  and please do know that the services you let us enjoy with open hands make our days on board easier.


Seafarer’s Club Houston International with free wifi access


Visiting seafarers enjoying the game of chess


Father Rivers Patout III, Chaplain of the International Maritime Community, Houston, Texas


Outside the Howard T. Tellepsen Center


Seaman’s Club contact information:

9750 High Level Road
Houston, Texas 77029

Get Directions

Highlights info row image

+1 713-672-0511





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