Wooden Ad board along the pavements of Bahia Blanca

Food, fun, friends and football on Argentinian shores

We’ve been going back and forth Bahia Blanca, Argentina for two voyages and we’ve enjoyed the port as far as shore leave experience is concerned.

During our voyage, we passed along the Strait of Magellan, one of the difficult routes to navigate because of its narrow passages and unstable weather conditions. This passage is considered to be one of the most important natural route between Pacific and Atlantic regions.

As sailors having passed the said route, we were given titles from the government of Chile as “ Explorers of the Magellan Strait “( Explorador Del Estrecho De Magallanes). It is a recognition that we were able to safely pass one of the most historic route in the navigable waters of the world.

Explorer's of Magellan Strait Certificate

Explorer’s of Magellan Strait Certificate


Magellan Strait was named after Ferdinand Magellan, seven years after his first passage into the strait in the expedition to circumnavigate the world. Previous names of the strait were  Dragon’s Tail as discovered from maps earlier than Magellan’s transit and Estrecho de Todos o Santos (Strait of all Saints) when Magellan entered the strait on November 1, 1520 (All Saint’s Day).

Fast forward on the 21st century, the passage up to present day is a tricky route for ships navigating into the South American territory, but as the famous saying would say “Calm seas, never make tough sailors.” So as explorers of the Magellan Strait we successfully traversed the waters of the famous strait  and docked our ship into the port of Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

As a reward, we get to see what Argentina is all about.


Dinner at Bahia Blanca Mall

Dinner at Bahia Blanca Mall, Angus Beef Delight

If you’re craving for great and heavy dinner, you must try  Argentina’s Angus beef steak for a change.

Argentina is known as a major supplier of beef in the market producing around 2.8 million tonnes a year. The weather and climate provides thick pastures for cattles to feed on, an advantage for cattle farming as its beef is widely integrated on most Argentinian cuisine. On our trip, we tried those high protein angus beef specialty, grilled into perfection with less oil and vegetable salad on the side. It was one of the times when the crew got the chance to taste local flavors, aside from the usual fast food remedy ashore.

Dinner at Bahia Blanca Argentina, Crew Shoreleave

Grilled Angus beef dinner at Bahia Blanca

Our dinner was at the food house at the Bahia Shopping Mall, where they offer the Aberdeen beef steaks for only USD13 per meal, inclusive of side dishes, salad , fries and drinks . Perfect fit for a sailor’s appetite!

Quick trivia: Aberdeen angus are originally from Scotland, and instead of crossbreeding the cattle with the local breed, the argentinian farmers decided to keep pure bred cattles to keep the high nutrition quality. Good decision me amigos!


The Engineer's Whie

The Engineer’s White

Another spot that we were able to visit was the part of the port area where all sailors go and relax, the Inginiero White. It’s the place where fun begins and happy endings are guaranteed, if you know what I mean. Kidding aside, it is one place to dance, drink and chill out after a hard day’s job. Hardworking sailor’s earned it, and aside from being diligently good at our job, we also know how to appreciate fun and entertainment.

The pavements leading to the entertainment street of Engineer's White

The pavements leading to the entertainment street of Engineer’s White


In the world of 21st Century, it’s easier to make friends with the locals. Since Argentinians are warm people, our cadets were friendly enough to meet Ms. Antonela Escola, a nice retailer at the mall who happily helped and pointed us to the right direction when we were looking for shops to buy the items on our christmas gift list for the crew. She is even friendlier by adding us at Facebook. Seriously though, she became a good adviser to us whenever we come and visit. She told us to go to Makro (local provision store for bulk orders) just beside Paseo Del Sol to buy provisions for our ship’s food supply. It’s a pleasant reality that our cadets are truly charming and smart at gaining good friends while ashore. Gracias Antonela and good job kiddos!

Our good samaritan Argentinian friend, Antonela Escola

Our good samaritan Argentinian friend, Antonela Escola


Come souvenir hunting time, I was able to get my self a team jacket of one of the famous football team in the world, the Boca Junior. For only USD 25 at the Paseo Del Sol Shopping Mall.

My stake out will always be the connections we build in meeting new people.

Jumpshot with my BOCA Junior jacket

Jumpshot with my BOCA Junior jacket


Club Atletico Boca Junior, established in April 3 of 1905

The club is the home of one of the most successful football team in world history, having earned 18 international titles (FIFA recognized) aside from the numerous accolades and winnings at their home country Argentina. More than a century from its founding, the club now has a professional basketball and volleyball team.

By the way, there are plenty of items to choose from at the mall and I’m satisfied taking out one piece of jacket to remind me of the country who loves football like no other.

We’ve seen much of Argentina just by a quick glance at Bahia Blanca, warm locals and happy faces made us felt welcome all throughout our trips. We’ve gained friends and spoke a bit of their language, most of which are quite familiar with ours (think Spanish colonial Philippines). The most interesting part of our voyage was how we actually made good of our time, wandering and exploring their culture and ways of living. For one I enjoyed the wine and the angus beef steaks but more so the free walks along the streets leading to and around the shopping malls.

Speaking of shopping malls you have two options, since there are two shopping malls around the area. Paseo Del Sol and the Bahia Blanca Plaza Shopping. All of our needs from provisions stores, souvenir hunts and basic grocery errands we took from these places, all handy and a short drive away from the port.

Bahia Blanca Plaza Shopping

Calle Sarmiento 2153Bahia Blanca B8001FGW, Argentina

Bahia Blanca Plaza Shopping Calle Sarmiento 2153, Bahia Blanca B8001FGW, Argentina

Bahia Blanca Plaza Shopping

Paseo Del Sol

Sarmiento 2153, B8002 Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shopping Mall at night, Bahia Blanca

Paseo Del Sol, Shopping Mall


In conclusion, it came into my senses that somehow we all live just with the same amount of goodness and good faith to others with whatever we are blessed, no matter where we are in the world. To whatever is available to us, it would be something that we should enjoy and share with others got this through the generosity of our 2E Larry. I also learned that there’s no language barrier for those who need help and those who are willing to help, that’s something proven to us by our friend Antonela Escola. And finally, there’s no better way of connecting people of different culture than recognizing the differences and similarities between both, Bahia Blanca is a kind place for outsiders, peaceful, calm and very pleasing to the eyes.

I guess those are reasons why I’m sharing all these to you. Opportunities of going places and learning something new about other cultures may come as a freebie in this job but my stake out will always be connections we build in meeting new people.

Tag me in your own adventures too, there’s just so much to tell wherever part of the world you live in.





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