Get Go Reward program of Cebu Pacific Airlines

Why you should get a #GetGo Account?

The GetGo Lifestyle Reward Program is the affiliate rewards system of Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific. I’ve been a member for almost four years now and the program has evolved into a lifestyle reward system that collectively counts the reward points not only from your booked flights but goes as far as to any shopping purchases at Robinson’s Malls, check-in at partner hotels etc.

It was a lifesaver today since I was able to use it for the second time to purchase a flight on a peak season market.

Flights cost an average between ₱4,000-8000.00 Tacloban to Manila and having a Get Go Account reduced my payable into ₱742.22 only!

Here’s How!

Get Go cards are usually offered by Cebu Pacific Airlines to passengers at any of their flights. We got ours for free during the introductory phase of the reward program. Since then I’ve been keeping my records sync with my Get Go account, I’ve been collecting a substantial number of points to almost buy a free flight.

I’ll give you a heads up, you should at least have 3000 reward points to book a free flight and you can collect points through various options, they have a great line up of partners in the program which makes it easier to earn reward points. Even more good news, redeeming is as easy as booking a flight online.

Upon checking, advance flight bookings actually require lesser earnings for only 1500-2000 reward points.

These are the 5 easy step on redeeming a reward flight

First, Log in to your Get Go account at

Next, search for the flight that you want redeem

Next, you need to choose your flight time and preferred date of departure.

Payment summary goes next as soon as you have chosen your flight. If you have credit/debit cards you can pay immediately or you could try paying your booking through their payment center affiliates. I prefer this if I have enough days to process my payment before the flight. Anyhow it’s just a 24 hour on hold transaction before they actually confirm your booking. Note: Once you exceed the 24 hour limit for payment, consider your booking cancelled.

Thankfully, I was able to consolidate 3,614 points out of my purchases from Robinson’s malls and booking flights online with my Get Go account number.

Finally once payment has been made, check your email for confirmation of your flight booking.

That’s a ₱749.22 flight for me, as a reward for the loyalty and patronage of the Get Go rewards program.

True to its promise, the Get Go lifestyle reward program continues to offer new features, new benefits and new rewards.

It’s a great advantage for a frequent traveler like me to have a reward program that I could tap whenever I’m in need of an emergency flight. I really felt the airline’s “Low fare, great value” principles.

So there, I encourage you to register a Get Go account, more than just the free flights, it’s actually the quality of service that I enjoy every time I’m flying Cebu Pacific. For a budgetarian traveler, it’s a plus to have access to these kind of reward services. So what are you waiting for?

Get going folks! Explore all options and maximize all those perks. True to its promise, the Get Go lifestyle reward program continues to offer new features, new benefits and new rewards. Offering more of what you actually paid for!

Let’s Go! Get Go!

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