The new look of Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport

I’m on an early flight to Manila from Tacloban and was welcomed with a new look of Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban. I asked the Manong guard and he said that it was reopened and inaugurated last March 16, 2018.

Inaugurated, March 16, 2018

It was a welcome improvement having experienced the previous condition of the airport, at least now with its new look, Tacloban is at par with the standard of different city airports in the Philippines.

The new and improved DZR Airport Tacloban

Improvement like this is something worth celebrating.

The new set up is wider, with improved security details and prompt security personnel. Also noteworthy are the polite airport staffs. This new change is something you’d love to embrace. Can we keep doing this all the time?

Air Asia counters at DZR Airport

PAL, Cebu Pacific Airline Counters at DZRA

Cebu Pacific Counters at DZRA

Children’s Playground at DZRA

It looks organized and also friendly to foreign and local travelers. Improvement like this is something worth celebrating, hence an urgent feature. One thing I like the most is this…

Best upgrade ever, NO MORE TERMINAL FEE!

Paid terminal fee! It was another burden before, the need to pay additional charge for the terminal fee. Now it is the same with Bacolod, Cebu and Manila airports – no additional terminal fee charge. Really a good news for budgetarians, including me!

The crowd inside the new DZRA

Congratulations is in order I suppose! Good job to the CAA and to the local and national government! This one is another victory for the people of Tacloban! May this change translate into progressive economic growth and more inclusive quality services from the government to the people. More travels to Tacloban!

Manila to Tacloban Flight, DZRA

Pre-boarding announced! See you later Manila!

-Proud Juan

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