Finally found “Chew Love”: Best Tacloban Finds Edition


I’ve been scouting places for another entry on my #BestTaclobanFindsEdition, and I recalled one resto-cafe that once caught our attention.

Friends, Welcome to Chew Love!

It’s located along P.Gomez Street, Brgy. 27 Tacloban City. The street is considered as a hub for authentic and innovative themed cafes and restaurants here in Tacloban. You could observe that all commercial establishments along the street are interestingly original ideas by design from cake houses, resto-cafes or a blend of both. One hub that is proudly Tacloban’s finest, that’s why it belongs to this best finds edition.

What’s For Lunch?

We ordered “Be Kare-ful with my heart” and “Something Fishy”. Those are actually kare-kare and fish fillet, excuse the names but I actually like the wordplay. It’s witty and sort of funny.

Something Fishy

Please Be Kare-ful with my heart

Their menu is compose of wide variety of selections, from pork, fish, chicken and beef options. Also they serve well blended drinks from ginger juice, beers, to blue lemonadas.

One hub that is proudly Tacloban’s finest, that’s why it belongs to this best finds edition.

Menu, Chew Love

There’s another reason why Chew love is awesome, and for me it’s the set up.

Relationship pad locks for the couples

Chew Love, Tacloban City

Cafe on vintage pastel

Chew love, Tacloban’s finest

Dining Hall

Inside the main dining hall

“Find something that you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it”- Julia Child

P.Gomez Street, Brgy. 27 Tacloban City, Chew Love

The vintage in pastel color design of the place is a proven hit amongst millennials and oldies alike. A great visual attraction that has become a popular choice for prenup shoots as well. It’s just one resto-cafe that evolves into perfection. Food is tasty and very affordable, place is tastefully designed to greatness, and service is excellent with romantic music! We really found true love on a lunch date here in #ChewLove.

With my lunchdate

For an affordable price of ₱540 lunch for two, I’m seriously recommending #ChewLove, it’s not as if they still need to convince people to come. I just like to share how satisfying it is to dine at Chew Love. By the way prenup shoots are accommodated before opening hours and it’s a ₱1500-rental fee for the place to shoot and use their furnitures as props. Store Hours: 11 AM- 8:30 PM Mondays to Saturdays only. So there, I’ll just leave you with this video so you can catch a glimpse of the place!

Come and chew some love! #WheninTacloban!

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