The Trek to Bomod-ok Falls

We finished our caving tour at around lunch time and we immediately went back to our accommodation to get ready for the next trip. Our next adventure on schedule, the trek to Bomod-ok Falls.

From the town proper it was a 15 minute drive to the start of the trek. Our tour guide was already waiting for us at the entrance gate and after the head count and safety instructions, the road to Bomod-ok was opened. It started on the little passages on the residential areas, a steep road leading to steeper slopes of the red clay-soil of Sagada.

The trek down and uphill was one of the major challenges as you tread the course into the falls. The walking stick was very helpful tool but only limited to few tourists, mostly offered for women only. Chivalry is not yet dead in Sagada after all.

Halfway toward the site, Kring and I stopped to catch our breaths and rest our legs. The group on the trek together with us also paused from time to time. The toil of hiking the rocky trail was slowly sinking in midway into the long road to Bomod-ok.

One thing I appreciate about the trek was the beautiful view of the man-made rice terraces, it was a confirmation that we are really at the Mountain Province of the Philippines. We paused every time we saw a picture perfect background, and took some time to savor the fresh green- mountain view.

Finally, we were able to reach the Bomod-ok Falls!

The towering height of almost 5-storey high building and the magnificent waters rapidly flowing into the river, took all the tiredness away. Everyone was in awe while watching the falls of Bomod-ok. A refreshing view of a natural wonder, such a worthy reward for the long trekking adventure.

One trip unplanned but happily fulfilled.

Our fellow tourists went on a dip and enjoyed the cold waters of Bomod-ok, the water runs into the river leading to the creeks that serve as the irrigation for the nearby rice farms.

We spent about an hour enjoying the view and ate some local banana cue delights to recharge our system for another long trek back into the pick up station. A quick potassium and sugar boost!


After some relaxing time and nature wandering, our tour guide called us for the trek back to our pick up station. We took the other route on our way back with less uphill and mostly rice field trails. The new trail was longer by the distance but less with the uphill climbing. We reached the pick up point on the other side at around 6:00 PM and arrived at the town proper at 6:30 PM.

Dinner was at a local carenderia with delicious fried bangus and veggies and afterwards, we immediately head out to our hotel for a good night sleep. Kring was so tired she requested a massage on her legs when we reached our accommodation, the last night was dedicated to total body rest.

It was a full day and the adventures we took were most memorable not only because of the amazing scenery that Sagada showed us, but most specially because it was a great bonding time for us as a couple. Through the hard road and the magnificent reward of Bomod-ok, we stuck it out with each other. The trip to Sagada was one trip unplanned but happily fulfilled, one that we will remember in our old age. We’ll trek more, hike more and live some more.

Budget watch:

Ecotour Fee: ₱100 per person

Tour Guide: ₱1000 per group

Transportation: ₱1500/10= ₱150 each

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