Budgetarian Dinner at Sangyawan BBQ Park: Best Tacloban Finds Edition

Locally known as the “Mags” because of its location along Magsaysay Boulevard, this site is one Tacloban find you should try #WheninTacloban.

It was more relaxing and refreshing, dining with the sea and the city lights on the background.

The place is now more popular as the Sangyawan BBQ Park having carried out from the newly revived Sangyaw Festival last 2015. Sangyaw Festival came from waray word “sangyaw” which means to “herald the news”. The inception of the festival goes back from 1976 and the current revival is a shout out into the new era in Tacloban history. The rebirth was done after the onslaught of Yolanda two years back. The festival aimed to promote the rebuilding of the city, highlighting its beauty, resilience and love after all the challenges undertaken by the strong residents of Tacloban.

It’s another shout out for the people to unite and create a sustainable and innovative future.

The Sangyawan BBQ Park is one site to visit if you’re into budget friendly grill delights or feast on beers and cold drinks while dining with friends, co-workers or family. The barbecue park stretches about 150 meters long, taking the sea side view of the city. We walked into its length and chose a grill stall that fronts the sea. For me it was more relaxing and refreshing, dining with the sea and the city lights on the background.

It was a budget friendly dinner for four, we ordered variety of pork and chicken grill specialties partnered with the authentic local poso, the cooked rice enveloped inside the fist size coconut leaves, a native way of cooking rice for commercial purposes.

It was kamayan country all over, eating on bare hands, (with disposable plactic hand gloves on) tasting the grilled barbecue and dipped into the hot-sweet sauce. It was splendid into the last bite!

It was just a ₱340-dinner for us, a perfect budgetarian dinner for a lazy house cook like me.

This is one place you should visit if you have time, the savory grill will not disappoint as well as the bill. Sangyawan BBQ Park opens at night time up to midnight, depending on the number of customers visiting the place.

How to get there?

From Tacloban downtown it is just a 5 minute-tricycle ride. Just tell the Manong driver to take you to “Mags”, or Sangyawan BBQ grill.

Fare: ₱8

Sangyawan Festival happens every June, and the people flock into the streets to celebrate the merriment all week long. Be sure to join the festivities and visit Sangyawan BBQ Park during those times, major concerts and surprise show stoppers perform on the site all through out the festival run. Feel Tacloban’s beauty, love and tasty food through this Tacloban find.

For more information, please refer to the city government website at,


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