The D.I.Y Baguio trip

We arrived at around 11 pm at the Victory Liner terminal ( behind VMall Monumento, Caloocan) for our travel to Baguio City Philippines, the country’s summer capital. After around 5 hours of bus trip,we finally reached the city of pines with our bodies trying to adjust with the cold temperature, we can really feel that we are already in Baguio City because of the cold morning breeze.

Burnham Park, Baguio City

Time check: 5:30 am- Arrival at our accommodation. There are plenty of hotels and inns to choose from, the bus will drop you at the tourism station where all transport and tour agency gather to offer services for tourists coming into the city. We chose a budget-inn for ₱1200/per day. We intend to stay for only a day since our main goal is the Sagada Adventure.

Budget watch Accommodation= -₱1200.

Time Check: 7:30 AM Good Morning Baguio!

First Stop: Burnham Park! We actually bought a map from a local book store to navigate us around Baguio. Budget Watch/Map = ₱120

Burnham Park is a major tourist destination while in Baguio. The park serves as a hub for locals and tourists enjoying the morning sun and the amenities of the well-loved park. Kring and I tried the mini boat ride at the lagoon with price range vary depending on the boat size and design. Budget watch/Lagoon boat ride = – PHP 150 per hour.

History 101: Burnham Park was named after the american architect and city planner, Daniel Burnham.

After the boat ride, we watched local Igorot teach the native tribal dance to the tourists who happily participated on the activity. There were bike for rents, trikes and food stalls around the park as well.

History 101: The man-made lagoon at the Burnham park is already a hundred years old.

Timecheck : 1300H

We took a grab car to take us to SM Baguio. The Grab app is so convenient for tourist and travelers when visiting the city, it’s reliable and at the same time the price is very reasonable. All through out our trip, we relied on the app during transfers to unfamiliar places.

What’s for Lunch? Our favorite Mang Inasal dish, chicken bbq and unlimited rice plus halo-halo and turon for dessert. Who said I felt cold that day?

Budget watch/ Lunch= – PHP 350

Next stop of our tour…

Baguio City’s Mines View Park

The ever famous and jam-packed Mines View Park was located at a mountain ridge north-east of the city. The place was full of people most of them tourists trying to get a peak of the view of the cordilleran mountains. The park was designed to cater tourists by offering souvenir items, photo booths and even native Igorot costume rentals. Kring and I felt like we were native cordilleran on those tribal regalia. This costume photo booth and rentals is a pet project of the local Senior citizen’s chapter of the beloved summer city.

“a positive start to the new pages of our couple adventures.”

Budget Watch/ Costume rental = ₱ 20, Souvenir Items= ₱ 300

The Mines View Park offers souvenir stalls that sell different Baguio delicacies such as strawberry jam, ube jams, peanut butter and cashew brittle. We bought some for pasalubong of course!

After dinner, we chose to walk along the session road street trying to figure out how to go back to our hotel. Booking on the grab app was hard due to heavy volume of commuters, it’s like rush hour Manila all over again. Good thing was we had google map to guide us and we were able to walk our way to our hotel safely.

Budget Watch/ Total Grab Car Bill for the day =-PHP 450

Important stuffs to bring:

1. Jacket, and appropriate clothing for the cold climate.

2. Smartphone with internet data.

3. Extra cash/ Emergency fund

4. Medicines for colds, fever, drowsiness etc.

It was a fun filled detour! One D.I.Y trip I would be glad to repeat someday! Baguio is a wonderful place for explorers and newbie travelers like us. The journey of traveling places with Baguio being the number 1 on the list is a good luck and a positive start to the new pages of our couple adventures. We’ll come back soon, to the place where it is always summer.

#TraveltoBaguio ticked out on my checklist. Our day 2-3 was dedicated to our trip to Sagada and that’s for another awesome article. Catch up over there folks! See you !

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