Pool Adventures: Top 3 Leyte Pool Destinations

Can you feel the heat of summer? Do you want to dive into the pool all day and flaunt that sun-tanned skin? Do you want to go some place peaceful with friends and family for a weekend get away? If your answer is Yes, I suggest you pack your bags, ready those swim wears and drive into these top pool destinations here in Leyte. Let me show you around together with our most valued #TeamLangka in our early- summer adventures.

Welcome to…

La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort

How to get there? From Tacloban City proper, ride jeepneys traveling the Tacloban-Diit Scan route, the driver will drop you at the gate of the resort as the last stop of the trip from downtown.

Fare: Less than ₱ 20 per person

Or drive your way into Brgy. 100 San Roque, Diit Tacloban City, I suggest you save and download your gps map before the trip because there are blind spots on network reception along the route.

Budget Watch Corkage Fee– ₱200 for every dish Drinks – Not allowed of any kind

Entrance Fee ₱350 per person weekend rate (₱250 on weekdays) Children below 3 ft = Free

Cottage rate: Umbrella cottages (G1-G11, Wood, Red Umbrella)are Free White tents= ₱1350/₱950 Mushroom tents= ₱500 Green Umbrella /GK1-GK6) ₱500

For more inquiries, visit their facebook page or directly contact,

Contact: 09175058680

Email: lavillafrancisco2017@yahoo.com

This is the first pool encounter of our favorite, Shacey Yenne. This pool adventure marked her first swimming lesson, she’s a natural swimmer actually! That’s something I can see as a servant of the sea.

More training and I think this kid could swim a long way or in her case long laps. I recommend La Villa Francisco for excursions with family, quality time in such a great place to relax and unwind is just what La Villa Francisco stands for. Their menu is great as well at a very reasonable price.

At La Villa Francisco, you will enjoy just the right blend of adventure and fun given the amenities and park attractions. They also have zip line to max up your experience if you’re into adrenaline rush challenges. Our trip together with friends was a day filled with catch-up talks and loud laughters.

You should go and experience La Villa Francisco first hand, I won’t disappoint you, you’ll have the best time and all pure fun!

Gab Water Park & Resort

Brgy. Malitbogay, Javier Leyte

Contact: 09072080527

How to get there?

It’s a secluded site in Javier Leyte, our summer escapade was with friends (#TeamLangka) so it was Mike who took us with his service car. By car it was a tricky road especially for those unfamiliar with the location of the resort. Good thing is there were sign boards along the way pointing to the destination. The search was brief and we got there just in time for lunch. The trip was around 2 hours from Tacloban City.

Gab Water park and Resort is a coconut paradise for coco-lovers, the place is fenced with towering coconut trees scattered all over the waterpark. That’s a ₱25 fresh coconut-treat for those who wish to buy. The place rests on the foot of a mountain view, giving it the green-natural theme on the background.

Budget Watch

No corkages for the food you bring in, they also have a mini convenient store that offers ₱80 native tuba and beers.

The place is very relaxing , sitting there talking to our good friends with shots of tuba on the rocks, ahhhh’ that’s a weekender’s dream for a perfect escapade.

We enjoyed the pool and laughed our hearts out until the sun rested behind the green mountain. It’s always fun to spend time with great friends, and Gab Water park & Resort made it extra fun with its chillax summer theme. The place is really good for group outings and family vacation. Hopefully next time the Villas will be available for overnight stay, our group will surely be back for a weekend camp out. Cottage Fee

₱800 for the Nipa Hut

₱1000 /₱1500 for bigger groups

There’s also a function hall with a ktv for guests who would like to sing. The staffs are nice and the owner is a lot nicer, always checking out if we are enjoying the place. It’s an affirmative “Yes Maam, Yes!”. Yes we did!

Tia Inday Haven Farm

Brgy. Balocawehay, (Quarry)6510 Abuyog Leyte

Contact: 0927 685 4662

How to get there?

Upon arrival at Abuyog town you could ask for local habal-habal to take you to Tia Inday’s Haven Farm. From the highway, it would take around 15 minutes to finally reach this secret haven.

The place looks well maintained, the ornaments are well manicured and the cottages are in good condition. We found a couple working on the landscapes upon our arrival, they were the care taker of the place. It was off peak season that’s why we were the lone group guest that they received that day. So we took the chance, grabbed our swimming gears and plunged into the cold water of Tia Inday’s haven.

Budget Watch

1000 for the cottage and pool usage for the group. ₱1000/7 persons? Not bad for a summer get away! Food: You can bring your own, no corkages fee. Tia Inday’s was actually the last stop in our 6-in-1 road trip at Leyte and it was a great place for unwinding and relaxing road trip after a long work week. I would recommend it for family vacations, friend’s reunions and even for corporate affairs, such a fun place for pool escapades and team building activities. They have a large function room that could cater 100-150 guests.

For more informations, kindly refer to their respective Facebook pages or directly call on their posted contact details. Have a great time folks!

That was top 3 pool destinations to explore #wheninLeyte especially this summer! I hope you enjoy your trip with your tribe. Just want to say thanks to #TeamLangka for the joy rides and fun experiences around Leyte. I’m borrowing mother founder’s words, ” Life was meant to be lived with great friends and fun adventures”.

To friends, to adventures, and to life! Kampai!

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