The historical glory of Sto. Nino Shrine: Best Tacloban Finds Edition

#WheninTacloban don’t forget to visit the 1981-built heritage museum, the Sto. Nino Shrine. Located at Real St. Tacloban City, the shrine that is dedicated to Senior Sto. Nino is one of the Tacloban finds you shouldn’t miss.

I’m a self proclaimed history-geek and I’m giving you are short trip into the glorious heritage museum. This site was once considered as the Malacanan of Leyte due to the strong Marcos’ influence and the place being regarded as the official home in Leyte of the then first family.

The vintage look of the museum complements the showcase of filipino ingenuity. Upon entry, the Sto. Nino statue at the center aisle welcomes tourists who wish to offer silent prayers.

After that, the tour guide starts with the left wing tour of the different rooms inside the famous mansion.

Every room features different provinces of the Philippines as evident on the design and materials used on that specific room. Also each room showcases the chronicles of the life of former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos in miniature figures. From her childhood, her life in Manila, her marriage to President Marcos, her stint as the first lady and her contributions to the civic society.

There are also collections of priceless artifacts given as gifts from other powerful leaders of the world to the power couple of the Marcos regime.

The second floor of the museum houses the rooms of the first family, the vintage piano, the spacious ball room and the long table conference room. Basically some of the features that will deliver you in awe, a short glimpse of how powerful the country once was. .

Even art pieces from famous painters and fine porcelains of the world found a space in this magnificent museum.

This wooden bass-relief of Malakas and Maganda was actually one proudly pinoy artifact at the wall of the heritage site. These interesting finds though are strictly audited yearly by the PCGG to ensure all items are accounted for.

Admission Fee Entrance fee for visitors ₱150. That’s a ₱750 Family-tour for me and my parents together with Kring and her beautiful cousin, Rica.

Our tour inside the shrine-museum lasted for about an hour and ended at the souvenir area. Souvenir items costs at around ₱100-300 only, with variety of choices from t shirts, fold-able fan, pearl necklaces and many more.


From downtown Tacloban, ride on jeepneys traveling the route of Tacloban-Marasbaras, these PUJs drive along Real Street, just kindly request a drop off at the Sto. Nino Shrine.

Fare: ₱8 only

Alternative Option: Do a tricycle tour, Tacloban has plenty of tricycle services willing to tour you around the city, ₱100-150 for a city tour is quite reasonable.

In closing, I commend the local government of Tacloban for preserving and safe guarding the historical treasures not only of Tacloban but of the country as well. It was an amazing experience, the chance to relive history and somehow relearn some facts about

Philippine history.

For me, it’s the historical value and the stories behind each and every priceless find.

There’s few things I learned:

1. That the Philippines was once a powerful country.

2. Imelda Marcos really got good eyes at beautiful things.

3. Ferdinand was a strong, powerful and intelligent man.

4. The historical glory of the museum transcends beyond what happened after the regime. The treasure is there, and it’s not the price tag of every item inside the museum. For me it’s the historical value and the stories behind each and every priceless find.

History teaches us our past, to re-calculate our actions on the present and prepare to better our destiny in the future.

Disclaimer: This post is created for historical and travel guide purposes only, all informations stated are public knowledge and as per tour guide info. The author’s opinion is strictly apolitical in nature.

P.S Kring and I chose Sto. Nino Shrine as one of our PreNup shoot location. Watch out for that on the upcoming posts to check on our outputs.

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