Home Herbs Garden : Best Tacloban Finds Edition

One morning while jogging I found this one Tacloban find that deserves an article on this blog.

It’s one of the many “Best Tacloban Finds” that I will feature on the upcoming posts. So if ever you’re in Tacloban City and you need something which concerns about home ornaments, landscaping plants and herbs, this is the place to visit.

Welcome to Dona’s Halaman! Located at Brgy. Abucay, Tacloban City.

Price range of ornaments for landscape purposes starts at ₱150.00 from smaller plants up to ₱8,000.00 for the fully grown “African Talisay”, smaller versions cost ₱350.00 per pot.

African Talisay- Php 8000.00

They also sell succulents with price tags ranging from ₱100.00 to ₱300.00 only, depending on the size and arrangements.

Succulents- Php 100-300 only

The diversity provides cheaper ,quality products and healthy living options for the resilient residents of Tacloban.

My best find though was their garden of herbs, of which I purchased a handful, as a gift for my wife. A cheap price of ₱100 – ₱200 per pot will give you a good jump start into indoor herb gardening.

The Herbs at Dona’s Halaman

Budget Watch


Culantro =₱100

Rosemary =₱200

Basil =₱50

Lemon Balm =₱100

Peppermint =₱100

Hook on plastic pots = ₱20 x 5 pcs = ₱100

Small plastic pot = ₱15 x 2 = ₱30

Bio-plastic container = ₱10/10 pcs

Total = ₱690.00

Famous for its medicinal value, the idea of growing a herbs garden inspired me, that’s why I bought my first five herbs for our home wall- garden.

I bought Rosemary, Culantro, Lemon Balm, Peppermint and Basil. I also plan to add more, maybe next time.

These plants came all the way from Davao Province, since Mrs. Dona Alday is a native of the southern Philippines. The row of gardeners and suppliers in Abucay are Davaenos striving in the business of plants and landscaping supplies here in Tacloban. The diversity provides cheaper ,quality products and healthy living options for the resilient residents of Tacloban.

You can visit their site or directly contact her through :

Mrs. Dona Alday

Dona’s Halaman

Abucay, Tacloban City


Mrs. Dona Alday- Shop Owner

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