A gift to my green-thumbed wifey

My wife love plants, farm plants in particular. Her grandpa, a renowned rice farmer and miller, taught her the basics of growing different kinds of farm seeds such as tomatoes, eggplants, squash etc.

Today, I surprised her with a set up of a simple home herbs garden as a gift and at the same time to encourage her to grow a garden at home, even if we presently live in the city.

How to create your own hanging home herbs garden?

First, I looked for a local supplier in Tacloban City, one that sells not only ornamental plants and succulents but green healthy herbs as well.

Having a home herbs garden is very beneficial because:

1. It helps in cooling the surroundings and improving the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in your home. A handy air filter and air conditioner as well.

2. The herbs could serve plenty of purposes from cooking ingredients up to medicinal benefits. This is the start of healthy living.

3. Indoor plants set a green relaxing mood inside the house plus research show that plants do interact with you. Another source of energy living inside your home. Good news! You’ll never be alone!

According to my supplier, Mrs. Alday proprietor and owner of Dona’s Halaman, herbs at home are very easy to take care of.

You just need to water them once a day, and expose to sunlight once or twice a week. You also need to trim the dried leaves so that new leaves will re grow or purposely cut its leaves off for consumption purposes.

Our first edition home herbs garden is compose of five amazing herbs that we plan to propagate right in the comfort of our balcony wall.

Dona sold me hook on-plastic pots so I could easily hang them by the string on our wall. Also she graciously gave me free cultivated soil to help me in re filling and transferring the plants into the new pots.

This humble gift will bring wellness and health into our home.


1. Set up the sturdy strings along the wall and hook on the hanging pots. Adjust distance of the pots to the wall to avoid the pots from swinging.

2. Carefully transfer the plants one by one from the old pots to the new one, make sure to refill with new soil and carefully lay the roots at the bottom.

3. Once ready, position the pots on the wall and water each plant to keep the soil hydrated and moist.

Our home herbs garden

I bought five herbs to start our herbs garden :

Fun facts according to Dona :

These herbs are mostly aromatic and commonly used to enhance the taste of the dish that you cook. They are best served fresh and have proven medicinal value. I’ll make a blog about each herbs next time, especially the ones that I’d be able to use on my cooking. Watch out for that!

That’s a healthy ₱690.00 investment on our home herbs garden. My wife’s green thumb is starting to manifest, the herbs so far hold out its roots and looks greenish healthy.

There’s more to follow about this new find, hopefully this humble gift will bring wellness and health into our home!

I’m open to suggestions just in case you also have your home herbs garden!

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