5 Important things to consider before traveling

Traveling is good for the mind, body and soul. A break from work, a reward for passing the exam or a family outing, whatever are your reasons for traveling, you must always take in consideration these five important things.


Nobody goes someplace new without cash enough to sustain the whole trip. If you are one to travel on a tight budget, choose places with minimal expenses required. Example: Free admission-museums, public parks, public exhibits, historical landmarks etc. You don’t have to wait until you’re able to save enough for plane tickets if you can travel by land into local attractions at your neighboring cities.

2.Trip Itinerary

Also take into consideration the list of your trip itinerary over the time you are allowed to spend on your trip.

A feedback from a friend who did a trip with a tour agency said that there were lesser time to enjoy the place that they visited since the tour admin had all the scheduled itinerary in line, who annoyingly pressured them with time limits. (a bad choice for travel agency maybe)

Positive side: You will be able to get what you paid for when it comes to visiting this and that, as posted on their ad. Negative side: Not much freedom to explore the place and enjoy the scenery for yourself. I suggest that if you have enough time and you’re good with budgeting, do a DI..Y trip.

A backpack adventure maybe, in that way you will have time to let the travel serve its purpose which is to unwind, relax and experience something new.

3.Health and well being

Traveling improves health and well being, Seeing new places, learning about different cultures and meeting new people promotes improvement on your physical and psychological state. Study shows that traveling reduces stress levels, boosts immune system and improves brain functions. Keep in this in mind as a motivation as you plan your next trip! It would also be wise to prepare you body for any planned trip, stamina and endurance wise, if you’re travel involves hiking and trekking. Do travel with a sound mind and body.

4. Weather conditions and climate changes

Consider the weather condition and climate all through out the journey. You may come from a tropical country going to the winter wonderland, so it’s best to prepare necessary clothing for the trip. Do a checklist of the things you need for the trip and research on the “Need to Know-stuffs” about the place.

Come prepared for the adventure, and as well as for the challenges that might pop up along the way.

Traveling is good for the mind, body and soul. -juantravels

5.Travel Companion

It’s best to travel with companion, someone you can share all the fun with. Choose you company wisely, though some trips would serve as lone time, a good cheerful group will definitely make the experience worthwhile.

So that’s it! That’s five before you dive into the travel-world! Hope you pick up something from this post! Tag me on your travels too, I’d like the idea of sharing travel stories!


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