#Juantravels to Barcelona

Time Stamp: August 18,2017

We arrived at Barcelona one day after the violent terror attack at La Rambla, Barcelona. We were hesitant to go out because of the incident that claimed 13 lives and injured 130 people, but due to the one time opportunity of seeing Barcelona, we decided to push through. We googled the place and the nearest mall was the Maremagnum, Moll d Espanya. So off we went for a quick shoreleave at Las Rambas, Barcelona Spain. Maremagnum sits at the south of La Rambla, extended by the wooden bridge that accommodates tourists and citizens alike. The pavements are usually crowded with a lot of people enjoying the marina bay, and also due to the food stalls and souvenir shops that runs into the whole length of La Rambla district street.

Another landmark that we were pleased to visit was the Columbus Monument. The 197 ft monument stands in the middle of the street’s intersection and is considered as a major tourist attraction.

Built by Rafael Atche, the monument immortalizes Christopher Columbus’ first voyage from the Americas. It was said that the statue depicts Columbus (his right hand) pointing to the New World but in actual logic, it only signifies his achievement in naval expedition as the statue is actually pointing towards the sea.

There was a high police visibility during our trip due to the attack but it didn’t stop us from wandering around, peacefully.

Barcelona is magnificent, every bit and every detail is something you’ll fall in love with.

We also took the chance to shop for new sweaters for the cold nights on board. The crew also went for “sim card /internet data hunting” since our Voge Trust doesn’t have a fixed internet connection. We rely mostly on the internet from local telcos as our lifeline to our loved ones. Orange Network so far is the most reliable in all of our voyages.

It was a marvelous and relaxing trip, though our hearts bled for the victims of the terror attack and we were also careful with our safety since the threat was still fresh.

It looked like it was business as usual, but the prayer vigils , candles lit on the street pavements and the police all over the place, made us felt the sadness of Barcelona. Hopefully next visit will be different. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.

Barcelona is magnificent, every bit and every detail is something you’ll fall in love with. Something you’ll come back for over and over. Next trip to Barcelona, I aim to visit Sagrada Familia.! (fingers crossed)

One day after, our ship sailed to the Mediterranean, concluding our 3-City-Spain Voyage. It’s not hard to connect with this part of the world, knowing our history, most of our culture are from the influence of Spain, our faith for one is the most evident heirloom the spanish people had shared with us.

I just adore how modernization and tradition coexist without tearing each other apart as evident in the beauty of Barcelona.

I wish to have stayed longer. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

Adios Espanya! Hasta la Vista!

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