Spelunking at Sumaguing

On our first morning at Sagada, Kring and I went for a Spelunking trip to the Sumaguing Cave. We checked in at the tourism office to see if we could take the Sumaguing cave tour, slots were filled for the morning but we found another couple-traveler on the list who wish to do the tour.

So we trade a deal to go together on a chance-adventure. Tour guide fee was ₱1000.00 and we divided over the four of us.

We bought our couple-souvenir shirt to use for the tour for ₱150 each at a local souvenir shop and as well as shorts for the cave adventure. The tourism office advised us to wear comfortable clothes and to be ready to get soaked and wet during the spelunking adventure.

Our guide started with rules on safety before going inside the marvelous Sumaguing cave.

The bats inside the cave greeted us as the torchlight was pointed into their nest. The rumbling noise thundered inside the cave as they flew around the roof.

There are slippery rocks along the pathways that’s why careful steps and presence of mind is very important. Safety First folks.

As we stepped into the gallery of rock formations, our eyes grew bigger with amusement as we stared and felt the very surface of these fine natural rock structures.

Nilo, our tour guide, played jokes about the names of every rock formation that we were introduced to, naming them the King, the Queen, the princess, the prince etc.

For the sake of funny, allow me to re-introduce them with my own monickers. Ladies and Gents,

The Sumaguing Cave Attractions.

“The Mouth of the Beast”

“The Spirits in Paradise”

“The Chocolate-Milk Fudge”

“The Caramel Blend”

“The Wild Mushrooms”

“The Stalactite Deluxe”

“The Banaue Rocks Terraces”

“The Bat’s Nest”

“The Fountain of Truth”

“The Freckled Rock”

“The Lover’s Nook”

Did you laugh even a bit? I hope you did.

We didn’t push for the Lumiang Cave interconnection due to high water level on the other side, so we opt out on doing the whole of Sumaguing cave.

How much for the tour?

We needed to pay the tour guide ₱1000.00 for the spelunking trip, but as I’ve said, we went with another couple so it’s a worth-it ₱500.00 bill so far.

Nature really has its way of creating awesome things beyond human capacity.

Kring and I enjoyed spelunking into the depths of Sumaguing, we came without any expectations but it was all surprises and fun new adventure that welcomed us at Sagada. This DIY trip started on the right adventure with Sumaguing’s splendid beauty.

Nature really has its way of creating awesome things beyond human capacity. Sumaguing is just one of nature’s gift to Sagada and the chance to visit was something I will keep in my Most Awesome Place to Visit List.

Long live Sagada and its gifts!

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