Mexican Street Food: Cocos Preparados

Street foods are everywhere, you’ll find them at the convenience of major streets in Manila if you happen to roam around late afternoon until night time. That’s one spot I’d want to share on a post some other time.

There’s this other street food experience that I’m eager to tell you though and believe it or not in contrast to popular assumptions that street foods are not healthy, my research tells that Mexico’s Cocos Preparados is a different kind of healthy.

This serving of the famous mexican treat is very low in calories, supplements 15 % daily potassium requirement and 6% daily dose of magnesium. Plus the juice is good for rehydration.


Coconut meat


Chili powder

Sea salt


How to do Cocos Preparados?

1. Scrape coconut meat from the shell. Bite-size is highly recommended.

2.Squeeze lime juice over the coconut.

3. Add chili powder.

4. Add the salt and little sugar.

5. Mix and serve!

(There are other spices added on actual video but the usual ingredients only includes what is stated above.)

Sweet or spicy it all adds up and always is ”charged to experience

The flavor is partly sweet, salty, sour and spicy all rolled in at every bite.

Before they serve the Cocos Preparados, they give you the coconut juice as the complementary drink, (wild guess) so you have something to flush out the spicy left overs on your mouth. All that for only 5 Mexican Peso (1 USD)

So there!

One foodie traveler tip!

When going to new places, explore the local food. Don’t hesitate to try new things because ultimately, sweet or spicy it all adds up and always is ”charged to experience”!

(This street food experience came from our shoreleave at Topolobampo Sin, Mexico.)

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