Garing: Illegal Trade of Ivory

Ivory has been widely used for carving different shapes and forms due to its ability to retain shape even after a thousand years.

It can be found from animal teeth such as of elephants, walrus, warthog, sperm whale etc. It is made of dentine that gives it the hard and whitish elements.

Ivory has been a part of ancient trades around asia including the Philippines taking in human figures made of ivory. The trade of ivory used to form different ornaments, statues, and religious relics, became a major global issue when the species such as elephants in particular had been endangered to extinction.

It actually bothered me to learn about how detrimental this kind of trade had caused extinction to the species.

The trade of ivory became illegal due to the dropping statistics of elephants in asian and african countries. In the Philippines, the Bureau of Biodiversity Management seized a sizable amount of elephant tusks believed to be part of an illegal ivory trade.

The seized ivory-cargo was then destroyed into pieces to eliminate possibility of using it for commercial purposes. From that point, use of synthetic ivory alternative had been encouraged

It actually bothered me to learn about how detrimental this kind of trade had caused extinction to the species of elephants and large mammals.

So I did a little research and here’s what I found. In figures there was about 110,000 elephants roaming the savannas before it dropped to 15,000 after the rampant poaching exercises.

I’m wondering how much would be left living free if we don’t stop this trade.

The World Wildlife Fund initiated a campaign to create awareness to the public about the effects of ivory poaching to the well loved elephant species and countries like China, America and Africa vowed a commitment to the advocacy of saving ivory-source mammals.

The ivory trade goes way back 14th Century BCE, and surprisingly still goes on up until today. So for a change we could actually try to become part of the solution to this problem.

My little contribution, to the WWF starts with my signing up for the campaign.

Click to support WWF Campaign to Stop Wildlife Crimes!

I’m the 411,178 supporter of the Campaign. Sign up to help them reach the 500k-Goal. We could help save one specie at a time especially if we all take part in addressing this problem.

Let’s not wait for elephant extinction before we take action.

Please Sign up Today! 🙂

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