3 Essential Tools for Low Budget Blogging

If you want to travel lite, you pack your bags in handy. Do away with extra baggages and focus on the more important ones. Same goes with blogging on a tight budget.

You can always start from less until such time that there is more. Focus on what is essential and necessary for the moment.

I’m starting out with limited resources but with unlimited ideas to share. That’s why I psyched my self to avoid waiting for my gadgets to be super-upgraded before I pursue my travel blog. Time is Gold! Right?

So I’m sharing how I’m blogging on a low budget scale.

These are my three essential tools for blogging lite:

1. A smartphone

I’m using my android smart phone in creating my content. WordPress and Blogger are available via android playstore making blogging through your smart phone convenient and easy. I also have video and photo editor apps to enhance my media attachments.

My travel articles are mostly out of our trips and shore-leave opportunities around the world, and having organized albums for all of my file attachments on my smart phone makes the job easier.

Also the good resolution (13 megapixel) camera on my smartphone is an advantage making the task of editing my photo attachments sometimes unnecessary.

2. The Pen and Notebook

I write down my blogging schedules and target articles on my notebook to monitor my progress, also I jot down notes when I research about my future and pending articles.

The pen and notebook actually makes the process a lot faster, it comes handy for interviews and important details that need to be recorded.

Sometimes I get out of the blue ideas for blog contents whenever I’m on idle state. Like for instance when I’m riding the train home, waiting in line for queuing, or even just drinking my coffee in the morning, those “insta-ideas” are worth noting that’s why I always bring with me a pen and a handy-dandy notebook.

3. Internet Connection

The power of internet gives blogging the biggest push for years now. Anyone could blog about anything they are interested at. The idea to share your thoughts, your life and your experiences through your blog is just fingertips away. Internet data packages come in different rates and vary depending on your network provider, on my end I’m spending an average of 1 USD per day for internet connection fee.

(Tip 1: To save on data charges, create your articles off line and upload only once ready and finished with proof reading. Tip 2: Since mobile phones take smaller packets of data compared to your laptops and PCs, you can try going to free wifi areas to upload your entries to save on your internet bills. Quite smart right?)

Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you are a newbie in the field.

Sharing doesn’t have to be lite. Tap your creative genius to make good of the resources at hand and maximize your outputs by thinking out of the box.

The most important part of blogging is knowing what you have to offer, drive your contents base on your expertise and experience. You’ll never know, you might be the next blogger-superstar of the online world.


Happy Blogging!

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