Mexican Tacos : New Favorite

During our voyage to Topolobampo Sin Mexico, we discovered a new favorite food to come back for every time we go ashore.

Amigos, presenting the world-famous Tacos ala Mexico!

For a cheap price of 11 Mexican Peso (around 2USD), you’ll enjoy the spicy, hot, beefy mexican delight. Me and mi amigos can’t get enough that we ordered twice every visit.

Topolobampo is part of Sinaloa State and is the 4th largest town branded to be the gateway for international trade.

Due to its geographical features Topolobampo also offers boat rides for tourists wanting to explore the coast of the mexican town.

After a couple of times, I tried another one of their recipe and this time it’s the mexican beef sandwhich and it tastes just as good!

Really something about the mexican sauce I think.



This is the local mexican food stall that served this mouth watering tacos and we’re thankful that this ladies aren’t only nice but very friendly to tourists as well.

The sauces are made up of blended avocado and the other one is pure chili sauce. Add them together and you’ll taste goodness ala mexican style.

Tecate the local beer from Mexico just made it extra chill. : ) It actually complements the fresh tacos and its spices.

That’s behind the scenes before they serve our favorite mexican bites. They grill the secret ingredients in front of you! Teasing you to order more!

You should go for this local offerings once you reach mexico, it speaks more of the culture and how the people are, spicy, sweet and delicious! (mucho hermosa)

And don’t go home without buying their souvenir stuffs, trust me it’s cheap and nice!

My friend, Engelbert finds it hard to select the right one! :p


The food trip was an awesome tour! Walking from the port to the town proper was a good exercise to prepare us for the good stuffs that Mexico has to offer!

I have few more stories to tell about Mexico, maybe on the next post! Just hit like if you want more!

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