The NASA Experience

Port of Call: Houston, Texas U.S.A

Do you have any shoreleave ideas in mind? Hmmm I have and I think we both thought of the same place.

Welcome to the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas.


We were just supposed to go to the nearby mall to buy some cabin supplies but our cab driver persuaded us to take the trip to the Johnson Space Center ,Texas.

With unanimous vote we agreed for a trip to the NASA center.

Cab Fare = 150 USD back and forth, didn’t know if it was a fair price but there were 5 of us and that was good for the wholeday trip.(quite reasonable)

On our arrival we paid 25 USD each for adult admission.

It was an exciting tour and at the same time very informative. The galleries took me back to the start of the initiative of the outer space exploration up to the present developments.

My top spots on the tour are as follows.

The Starship Gallery

Astronaut Gallery

International Space Station Gallery

Moon Artifacts Exhibit

I’ve been to museums and exhibits before but the NASA experience stands out as one of the most remarkable. It’s like the gallery of all sciences applied to create the ship and technology that will take man to places outside earth and eventually the universe.

For posterity purposes I’m making my own gallery for:

#The Awesome Photos from NASA Tour


The fuel actuator

A glimpse of the outer space

Rocket to the outer space

This bench is pure titanium

Mars Rover

Moon Rocks

Lunar soil

Moon artifacts

How astronauts bathe

Defying gravity

Inside living condition

Astronaut’s walk to the moon

The Moon’s surfaced photographed

The outer space automobile

Living in space

Stepping stones

After almost three hours of exhibit hopping and souvenir hunting we finally decided to leave the space ship and go home to our “sea ship” King Dorian.

I can relate being a sailor to being an astronaut in some ways, like we defy the storms and waves as they defy gravity. Both jobs require us to work in isolation away from the world and our loved ones and both jobs are noble because both serve for the survival of mankind. Maybe one day sailors could also work as astronauts vis-a-vis (smart wink).

I think there are more revelations to discover about our universe and beyond and I will closely follow NASA’s explorations from this point on. Until then I’ll just keep on sailing the 7 seas.

On our way home we dropped-by and grabbed a bite at our official fast food- of choice, (almost anywhere in the world) McDonald’s.

I’m giving this tour a 4.0/5 Stars Rating because of the amazing exhibits and worthwhile history-science lessons.

Really looking forward for more adventures like this in the future.

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