What’s so special about Kiltepan Sunrise?

Our last morning at Sagada was carefully planned and dedicated to watch Mr.Sun wake up at Kiltepan Peak. The site has been famous for years because of the breath taking view jolted by the popular success of the filipino film “That thing called tadhana”. It was actually one of the reason why we wanted to visit Sagada.

We woke up around 4:30 am since call time of our tour was 5 am. I bought Kring a congee soup from the nearby morning market before we took the trip to the peak of Kiltepan to warm up her tummy, the cold morning breeze was freezing that’s why.

Some tourists walk their way up to the spot, it was 30-minute trek from town proper, but since it’s still dark and we are not that familiar, we chose the safer way -ride the van.


Upon arrival at the peak, we were shocked that there was a big crowd waiting ahead of us, scattered all over the cliff. There was a bonfire that kept people warm while they patiently wait for the rising of the sun king.

Then there’s the famous “Tadhana” song loudly playing and continously from one smartphone to the next and it kept on playing non-stop all through out the darkness.

I guess they wanted to feel the vibe of Mace’s emotions from the movie, (That thing called tadhana) and then suddenly there’s this somebody who shouted, “Mace bakit mo ako iniwan”(Mace why did you left me?) drawing laughters from the crowd. It was an effective way to break the moments of cold silence.

Time Check: 6:00 am


After about an hour of waiting, in cheerful applause, the crowd clapped as the sun slowly rose above the white clouds.

It was breath taking to share the view with somebody special, you don’t have to be broken hearted to enjoy Kiltepan. The spot is for fulfilled and happy hearts too.

The moment of waiting from darkness to the morning light was refreshing, there were silent minutes before Mr. Sun greeted everyone and I realized, that’s the experience we came here for.

You’ll adore the clouds cascading above the green mountains as they slowly move and gives the sky solely to the Sun.



The Kiltepan sunrise experience is a reminder that the sun will always shine after every darkness. In other words, there’s always a new day, new ray of hope and for us, new experiences to explore.


Time Check: 7:30 am

We left the site and head straight to a local breakfast cafe and tasted their local “tapsilog” and “chosilog” versions.

After breakfast, we prepared to leave the amazing Sagada with new set of stories to tell our grand children someday.

One thing though that I’ll be bragging about is their grandma’s devotion to praying at churches wherever we are.

So before we left Sagada, we dropped by the local church and prayed. The mass was purely in their native dialect giving us the authentic vibe of their catholic faith.

What a great way to wrap up this amazing adventure!

So what is so special about the Kiltepan sun rise?

It’s the experience!

To witness nature take its course.

The symbolic ray of hope, new day of chances and new experiences to treasure.

I think those are the reasons that made the Kiltepan experience very special.

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