The Rope Course Challenge Part 2

After a short rest , we continued doing the obstable course.Time lapse= 30 mins.

The YOLO adventure continued as we took down one post at a time (not literally). The heat of the sun was scorching hot that we tried hard to do each task as fast as we can. There were other participants who came ahead of us that somehow cause the “traffic”,so while waiting for them to move forward, there we were flashing wide smiles to the camera for posterity purposes.

Our spiderman-task was the marker that we already reached halfway,from that point the following tasks required more of our balancing skills.

The walk on wire was as delicate as doing the previous exercises plus the soring arms and trembling legs.Difficulty level=5

Yes, our movements were synchronized with each other,and it actually became easier because our movements were well coordinated. We were nearing the finish line, and the excitement was intensified that the succeeding challenges felt lighter than the previous ones. I think we already got the hang of it by that time.

Kring was actually enjoying the last four rope courses,that I need not look back everytime I’m done,she basically was able to manage everything on her own.

Doing the drum-course was cool,it was also the photographer’s vantage point for a souvenir shot.

This interconnected-logs challenge was tricky that we moved slower than our normal phasing. Difficulty level= 4.5

The final net challenge was so smooth we were able to cross the next post in less than 2 minutes. Time lapse= 43 mins.

The final course was easy just like the first one. I guess the finale walk on log sealed our task lighter than expected. Time lapse= 45 mins

We ended our obstacle challenge 45 mins from start time. We could’ve done it for 30 minutes if not for the “traffic” and selfie time, but anyways it’s not with how fast you travel the road it is with the quality of journey.

One “YOLO” goal on the can for Kring and I. If you ever find yourself in Campuestuhan try the rope course challenge.

It’s a PHP 300-400 admission fee, souvenir photos PHP 300 each.They let you borrow their stock rubber shoes,but I would advise you wear your own. The activity was worth every sweat and fulfilling at the same time. I’d do it again next time for sure,but for now I’ll leave you with this…

Take every challenge to better yourself, You Only Live Once, might as well strike life with your best shot. .

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