5 Reasons why you should visit Sagada

I’ll give you five reasons why you should visit Sagada.


1. It’s a quiet place to visit and try to live in, even for a few days. The calmness of Sagada blooms not only because of its location but also because of its people. It’s one tourist/travelers spot that has not been overly commercialized and ecologically abused.

There’s this internal agreement amongst the locals that all businesses shall be owned strictly by residents only and I think that’s one reason why Sagada stands as one of the well-preserved tourist destination in the Philippines. More than the economic boost they value the preservation and cleanliness of their home town.

2. Food is delectable! Every morning there are local farmers near the capitol that sells fresh vegetables, fruits etc. It’s cheaper and healthier out there. Though Sagada offers wide variety of local establishments serving different kind of foods, the raw ingredients are mostly locally produced.

3. Etinerary friendly guide. The tourism office have this fixed tourist attraction guides that you could choose from depending on your liking. They have schedules and best times to visit for Kiltepan sunrise, Sumaguing Cave, Bumud-ok Falls, Ecotour etc.

You can manage your own etinerary as long as it fits the tour’s time frame and your budget as well.

Tip 1: Tours (Tour guide & transpo) are quite pricey if you will pay solo but you can be friendly and ask fellow tourists if you could go together and later chip in on the expenses. (We tried friendly and it worked for us.)

Tip 2. Tourists expressing intentions for tours register on the tourism office log book,you can ask for their number and coordinate a deal.

4. Appreciate nature like you are already in paradise. If you are a nature lover and a fan of peaceful environment, you came to the right place. You can only be closer to nature once you experience it’s depth, the skin to rock surface-kind of experience.

During our spelunking trip I realized that nature has its way of working its wonders. The prestine transformations inside the Sumaguing cave was evidence that nature through time could create masterpieces beyond human capacity. And it is something the locals are most thankful for, not only because of the livelihood it brings but also because of the pride of being blessed with such an awe-inspiring place to live in.

5. Instant-rehab.

Our trip to Sagada made me appreciate the instant kind of rehabilitation of my mind towards life in general. It’s like the big red reset button pressed, and your mind gets a relaxing reboot. Seeing the sun rise above the mountains of Benguet, experience the first heat from its bright rays at Kiltepan peak, and breathe the fresh air atop the cold mountains were more than just relaxation.

It was more of calm rebuilding of my exhausted spirit and tired body. For only 48 hours I was able to experience the freedom and rejuvenation that I badly needed.

Come to Sagada and go home relaxed and ready for another set of daily challenges.I have plenty of reasons to comeback and I will come back for the remaining tourist destinations that we were not able to visit.

The best months to go are from June-August (Summertime) according to our tour guide, so we’ll go for the second trip on those months.


Sagada will forever be on the list of my “Places for-escapade-weekends”.I will definitely see you again soon…


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