The Rope Course Challenge Part 1

Time stamp: November of 2015 @Campuestuhan Highland Resort,Talisay City Negros Occidental PH

One of the highlights of our family adventure at Campuestuhan Highlands was how we survived the rope course challenge.

Kring was feeling the “YOLO” vibe that day so we decided to take on the challenge of finishing their famous obstacle rope course.

Looks so easy on the eyes right?

We started fully equipped with safety gears as required by the staff and all smiles with no idea what we were up to.

First course was easy…just walk on the log. We clung to our safety harness as we stride step after step holding tight unto the ropes. Difficulty level= 3

Then there goes the Net challenge.

The hard part was carrying all your body weight while struggling to move sideways. That’s when we decided to take a little rest. Difficulty level =4

Up next was this swinging log-challenge, timing was key to finishing this obstacle, the logs freely move that if you miscalculate your step you may end up hanging up there. (With your harness on 🙂 )

The succeeding set-ups became a lot more difficult that oftentimes we pause everytime we finish one obstacle to study and come up with a strategy on how to do the next.

That day, I learned that my girl is no-quitter, I can feel that she was exhausted and tired but she kept on moving until she reached the next post.

This YOLO race taught me something about perseverance,patience and hardwork. But aside from all those lessons, I learned to enjoy the ride,whether it be challenging or as smooth as this standing-roller ride,I learned to just enjoy and live the moment.

Part 2 of this obstacle course is on the next article. See you there!

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