How to do a Home-made Clubhouse Sandwhich

While waiting for my scheduled flight I dropped by my Aunt’s house in Metro Manila.

The best part of my stay will always be the good food she serves. Always expertly done, with TLC on the sides. 🙂

This is my first “Travel to the Kitchen” article, hope you enjoy and try it on your own kitchen.

My Aunt’s Home-made Clubhouse Sandwhich!




Fried Egg

Fried Ham




Tasty Pan bread


How to:

You’re gonna use the toasted side for the top and bottom breads of the sandwhich.

Slice all vegetable ingredient at desired sizes.

You decide how tall it goes. On my Aunt’s recipe she made 5 stacks in every clubhouse before dividing it into triangular halves.

Servings :1 pack loaf bread = 12 clubhouse sandwhiches.

Needless to say my Aunt’s clubhouse sandwhich(like all of her cooking masterpieces) is definitely my best bite for the day. Tastes so good that I finished 4 out of 12 . 🙂

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