The Art of Pause

Port of Call : Sines,Portugal

When people get cranky onboard that’s a sign that stress level is high, and it becomes more stressful knowing that you are stucked in one place and helplessly isolated from the world.

So what do you do on a stressful day?

Practice the art of pause! 🙂

I realized that after a hard day’s job and in whatever industry you are in, practicing the art of pause lessens the anxiety caused by the burden of work loads, naggy superiors and non-cooperative work mates. So pause for a minute to reflect on your previous actions and seek solutions to better work-relations in the future.

Ladies and gents, Welcome to Sines Portugal!

This is where we spent our pause time. We walked our way to the town and reached the beach full of cheerful spirits.

I could hear laughters and chants as the people dance over the music of the sea. I enjoyed listening to the crowd,that was plain new and relaxing.

Few more walks and the sun disappeared together with the once loud crowd,suddenly the town turned into a silent hollow place.

Next thing that we did was look for a place to eat. We found this local resto along the quiet streets of Sines.

Of course we ordered the usual, fried chicken, french fries and beer. Stuffs that we could have eaten onboard, (Minus the beer) I wanted to buy some more for onboard consumption but it was not allowed so we just enjoyed our drinks since it’s a one-time chance (for months).

Hurrah Let’s celebrate!

It was just around 8 pm after dinner and we had no plans of going back to the ship just yet.

So we toured around and bumped into this XOXO 24/7 convenient store. Friendly reminder, drink moderately.

In conclusion, our pause time was one h*ll of a “walkathon” but it was not tiring at all. We tasted Sines’ baked goods, drank local beers, took funny photos, and enjoyed the peaceful place of Sines.

By the way 1900H is TAPS time, most of the bars and restos are closed already, so if you plan to go out, try doing it morning time.

So again “Before you speak, listen. Before you act, consider. Before you judge,understand”.

Just some bits to practice the art of pause. No matter how stressful life is, I hope you find time to chill, reflect, and recognize that there is always a bright side.

The Art of Pause at Portugal was one remarkable and happy shoreleave. Catch up again on the next shore leave folks!


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