8 Proven and tested benefits of travelling together

Sumaguing Cave

So after three years of being together, Kring and I finally became comfortable with travelling to places together with the vote of confidence from her highly conservative family.

Overlooking “Hanging Coffins”

BAGUIO Here we come!

So why travel together?

Well because I’ve read so many articles about the benefits of travelling together and I’m sharing with you my 8 proven and tested benefits or travelling together.

1. Experience something new together.

Our travels are partly due to our goals of exploring new places and see new things and doing it together made it more memorable. The experience made me know her even better.

2.Discover ugly truths about your partner,and happily embrace it!

Yep’ We discovered many new things about each other,like what could make her cranky would either be “she’s hungry” and or “I’m not following her orders word for word” (uh’ women),but it didn’t make me like her any less.I actually learned to pay attention. For her part she should’ve learned that I’m not going to follow her commands if she won’t say “Please” :p.

3.You learn new things together.

Our trip was full of twists and turns and every part was new learning for us.We went spelunking,hiking, sight seeing and every piece of the tour there were valuable learnings about history,geography and culture ofcourse.I also learned one or two about financial management. :p

4.A taste of real freedom.

Our couple’s get away was our shout out of freedom,not the freed-from-prison kind but the adult-independence stage of growing up. And it was liberating for us,growing up together in that aspect of adulthood.My take-away,”Freedom is Independence dressed with Responsibility”.

5.You patiently allow room for errors.

The twists and turns of the trip tested our patience but we were able to find solutions as a team,teamwork and being forgiving helped us enjoy our tour. That instead of focusing on delays and road blocks,we learned to appreciate the time together.

6.Your bond and intimacy becomes stronger.

Ofcourse time spent together improved our bond and intimacy toward each other.I think the romantic vibe of Sagada is very contagious. Tip: To easily achieve #6,go some place romantic!

7.Your communication improves.

We talked so much and laughed hard in all the days of our trip. Yes there were slight “mad moments”but communication was the bridge towards understanding each other.Plus she got no choice but to talk to me,I’m the only company she had.:)

8.The relationship lasts longer.

Proven true! We actually lasted a year more until we decide to become each other’s ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

We got married the following year and now we plan to travel more TOGETHER!

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