Tagaytay with #theNoels

So again I and my wife-to-be (by that time) visited our Ninong Alex and Ninang Celia’s home at Indang Cavite.

We could only say nothing but nice words to our model couple/family. It became a part of our itinerary to always dine at tagaytay every time we visit their humble yet very classy home.

For a newbie married couple like us, it is our goal to find role models, people that we will look up to and hopefully follow all the good traits that we see in them. Needless to say we just can’t get enough of throwing praises to our “lodi hubby and wifey”.

Our dinner place that night was at Charito, by a bag of beans in Tagaytay. It’s quite pricey for a restaurant but the view and the place compensate for the “not so presyong pang masa”.

The fine dining ambiance and the elegant pieces coupled with the view up there made the place our next favorite thing to DQ (the ice cream shop).

At the Bag of Beans,they offer wide variety of products for desserts and take home goodies. My great find was their classic peanut butter (favorite palaman) and their classic roasted coffee.

This detour of ours again made me think of goal settings. Chief Engr. & Mrs. Noel imparted to us the value of investing as a couple, that marriage and parenting doesn’t end at providing for NOW. The future though full of uncertainty shall be secured through smart investing and thrift financial management. Kring and I could only wish to emulate the amazing Dentist-Chief Engr teamwork.

To the humble-achiever children and the superMom&Dad,Thank you for welcoming us to your home and family.#theNoels

By the way Charito By Bag of Beans is located at Tagaytay,Cavite and is about 2 and a half hour travel from Manila. The view overlooking Taal Volcano will relax your mind and will wipe those stress away. Also the furniture designs are instagram-worthy you’ll never get tired of taking pictures.

There will be more dinners with #theNoels in the future,more words of wisdom and definitely more and updated #familygoals.

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