The 100 USD-Hollywood Tour

This is Hollywood!

Once in a lifetime at least I was there.

If you would ask me what are the perks of working on a ship? I would immediately tell you. FREE TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD. It’s one of the advertising tagline that lure young men to become sailors of the seven seas.

Ten years ago the dream to travel the world was just words printed on the NSA cadet program poster, fast forward today, I together with more than four hundred thousand sailors from PH are now living that cliche tagline.

Who would have thought that I would be sharing all these with you, my favorite readers. Once upon a contract I was able to step foot on the walk of fame of Hollywood Boulevard.

Our port of call was at Los Angeles, and the first thing that came to my mind was to visit Hollywood with only 100 usd on my pocket.

My shift was 8-12 but I asked my fellow engineer to step in since I haven’t been ashore for two months. He happily obliged and off we went to City of Stars.

My fellow adventurer that day was my duty-buddy on deck 2M Roman.

First stop, we took a taxi to the train station. Expenses= 7 USD (15/2).

Bought our tap cards for 10 USD to ride the train going to Hollywood.

It took us almost two hours till we reached the bullet train station. The map was easy and you can almost do a ” Do it Yourself” trip if you have enough time.


We reached Hollywood St. around noon time. There were bus tours and frenzied tourists lining up on theater entrance,some were souvenir hunting while most were just enjoying the kingdom of the stars.

After an hour of walkathon-tour, my ever adventurous buddy decided that we go to Universal Studios. So we rode another bullet train to our next stop, The Universal Studios Hollywood.

Another walkathon started as our eyes were filled with all things awesome.


We dropped by an ice cream shop and made our own 7 dollar-ice cream delight. Roman was a good travel buddy,very practical and smart.It was hot out there and the ice cream was the soothing balance.

Finally I was able to snap a photos from universal studios.

For a barrio kid like me one visit to places like this a reward for being a dreamer. Dreams do come true not all at once but at least it does.

Went back to our assigned port at around 1700H. Roman was finally tired. We gave 25 USD(50/2) for our trip back and bought souvenirs for 25 USD.

Total Expenses: 74 USD (Not bad for a dream come true.) I even got a 26-dollar savings, what can I say? We needed to travel cheap. :p

I’ll put this trip on the “Go for it Shoreleave list” because chances are it will take years before another voyage to LA pop up.

In closing, I do encourage you to be a dreamer, it doesn’t have to be the Hollywood dream, but dream of things you aspire for. It would take hard work and persistence, so dream BIG because if you can dream about it surely you can have it!