Mohammedia, the First

There is always a first time for everything and first times really become one of the most unforgettable part of almost everything. Good or bad, first times count as the gateway to a new experience. On my part my first shore leave happened at Mohammedia, Morocco.

Since our Clipper Star is an LPG tanker, one of our port of call was at the center of Morrocan petroleum industry, Mohammedia.


This God-favored land has been a capital port for oil markets of the region. Formerly known as Fedala (Fadl Alla) which means Favor of God, Mohammedia has risen to be an economic mover known also for its resort cities, golf-tennis clubs and casinos.


Our visit started from the foot walks at the port ,the seaside beach resorts up to the parks at the city district. Yes, we did all that under the hot morrocan sun like ship inspectors touring every corner of the ship.


Our visit coincided with the annual Fleur Festival (Flower Festival), the city was tagged as being the City of Flowers by the way.

On the celebration of the festival they put up booths around the plaza that showcased the awareness on different environmental preservation technology like hydroponics and sand-gravel mixtures as substitute for regular soil quality that can support plant life.



Radjah, a local environmentalist was gracious enough to share worthwhile informations about the festival’s environmental advocacy.



The morrocan experience was completed by the tour around commercial establishments and souvenir shops.

Since this is cadetship, I don’t require my self any souvenir items at every port, just a souvenir photo would be enough for now.


Mohammedia is a city full of historical finds that surely inspired progress across time, restored by King Mohammed V to Independence, this favored city of Flower rocks my list for the one of the best first time ever.

Cost efficient for the travel-by-foot experience, this visit is worth the share, I hope your first times be as significant and worth it as mine.


“Req ssalama”

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