Say “Merci” Le Havre

Port visit at Le Havre France

It was a good mid-day weather that welcomed us at Le Havre, France, August of 2008.

We were able to go for a shore leave in the 2nd largest port in France, next to Marsielle. Le Havre is located at the Normandy region Northwest of France, known as a prominent maritime district, hence the meaning of Le Havre as port or harbour.


During our stroll, we wandered around the scenic city known as a UNESCO World heritage site (2005). True to its valid recognition, Le Havre offers not only maritime affairs but as well as art and leisure activities just within your reach.


It was a good french day! A well deserved day off for a cadet slowly learning the ropes of the new world.

Well structured government halls, historical art museums, architecture relics, and big theaters stood side by side completing this great city founded by King Francois in 1517.




My take-away word for this visit was “Merci”, the french word for thank you. During our search for the usual chocolate supply for our next voyage, we tried to ask for assistance from local residents, some of them though doesn’t speak english but still managed to point us to the right direction, and for that I say “Merci”. It was my birthday and the trip was a great treat! That day I learned that the world is wide and ready to be explored. Curiosity kicked in and that was the start of my journey towards knowing different cultures of the different countries that I’ve been to before and will be at someday.

France is beautiful and its beauty is magnificent, I wish there will be more voyages to France, I’m excited to see more! But for now I’ll settle with this amazing experience!

Before I end this I’d want to share one french qoute that I learned so far.

Quand on n’a que l’amour Pour tracer un chemin Et forcer le destin A chaque Carrefour. ~ Jacques Brel

“If we have love, we can forge a way; also make our own predetermination at every intersection.”

Bon Voyage!


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